Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Marcus and I had the best Halloween we could remember for a while! This was Lyza's second Halloween but this time was so much more fun! I was suprised she caught on so quickly, after the first two houses she knew what to do! She didnt even want to hold our hands anymore, she just darted to the next house and opened her bag! It was such a great night, I had a great time watching her. I had a smile almost the whole time. As you can see Marcus and I were candy corns and Lyza was a ladybug!

Lyza Had Another Treat!

Lyza received another Halloween treat in the mail! This time from Grandma Wendy!

Lyza thought this card was REALLY neat... It talked when you opened it, so of course she sat and opened and closed it over and over... I was suprised it didnt run out of batteries!

This is the not so nice troll monster. She was a little skeptical at first then its eyes light up and let out a scream... She wouldn't go near it! Her face was hilarious!

She did love the mermaid though.

Thanks G-ma Wendy!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

5 a.m. Suprise!

We woke up to Tilly this morning at 5 a.m.! She is now a new mommy to a black baby boy! She is doing great and so is the new little heffer! All he has done is eat, which is great! Congrats Tilly!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well Here It Is...

I have had a couple friends that have been asking to see the house... I have kept putting it off until we had all of the furniture, until I had everything hung up, until I had it clean, until I was completely happy with it! WELL... I give up, it will be a long time before we have everything done. So for right now... Here it is! I will post some pictures of outside soon! It is starting to get cold, and the leaves are starting to change! It is really beautiful here!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Need A Laugh?

I have a few friends that can just go put their kids into bed and leave... No crying.... They just go to bed! So I did attemt to "TRAIN" Lyza to do this.... I miserably failed and thus I have the nick-name of cribs around here... Hence the nick-name below....Thanks to Marcus for sneaking in and taking the picture and then telling everyone!

So, after hearing about my failed attempt a friend of mine gave me the Supernanny book to read about other techniques. I am using one that seems to be working. Although I really miss rocking and cuddling Lyza! It is our time to say nothing at all and spend some time! I will figure out something that will mix all these things besides climbing into bed with Lyza! I promise! I found this that I love...

Cooking and cleaning can wait for tomorrow
For children grow up we've learned to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lyza's Halloween Treat!

Lyza received a package from Grandma Teresa today! She must have known that she would love the styrofoam popcorn! She was more interested in that at first.. She put on her slippers, beanie, and neckolace then carried around the bag of goodies occationally stopping to pull one out. Thank you to Grandma Teresa for the eventful morning!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

AZ Trip

So Lyza and I went to AZ last week, it wasn't the most fun filled trip I had imagined. Dont get me wrong, I loved going, but I just had pictured it a little different! I hate it when that happens! Marcus is always telling me not to expect anything, so I will be plesantly suprised. I have a hard time doing that! Is it because I am a woman? Anyways, needless to say I worked ALOT and I wish I could have done more while I was there! I did really enjoy what I was able to do, next time I will just work shorter days. Lyza had a blast at grandma Teresa's house everyday while I was working. I realized something really funny, I missed AZ for some really wierd reasons I would have never thought about! The roads! I know them like the back of my hand! And it helps that they are in a grid, but I miss knowing where I am. The geckos! There are a couple that come and hang out on the ceiling outside my door. When I went outside to do some laundry I saw them and smiled, and yes I said hi to my little friends! The lack of creepy bugs... Well... At least we dont have scorpions. Then there are the regular reasons. Family and friends. But I'll tell you one thing... I dindn't miss the lack of green! I forgot how brown and open it felt.
Well on to the more exciting things. I was able to visit Michele's grave site, and Lyza and Riley ( Michele's little girl) got to play! I was happy I found time to do that, it ment alot to me!

I saw alot of family, but missed alot of friends. I treated my mother in law to a pedicure at the end of the week! Lets just say we both needed it from standing and chasing Lyza!

I was able to attend a good friend Brooks baby shower. It was so fun! And isnt she so cute prego!

Then Lyza and I also flied to Utah to meet Marcus to see his brother Jakes wedding! Lyzas Great Grandpa Wizzer White played his hermonica to her on the plane it was so cute!

It was so great to see Jake smile so big on his special day and have so much joy in his eyes!

My Sweet Little Monster!

I have had some little fun moments with Lyza lately! She is at such a fun age, that keeps me constantly on my toes! Whatever she can find or get into she does!!! Today for instance... She got a hold of a brand new pack of wipees and emptied everyone out and was playing cheerleader with them! At first I wanted to scream NAUGHTY! But I just sat and watched her without her knowing and started laughing and grabbed my camera! She was just having the time of her life! How could I spoil it? Then when Marcus got home.... I had given her a juice box, literally two seconds later, she was squeezing it all over the brand new couch! Marcus freaked and yelled for me to get him something.. As I walked to the paper towels I just started laughing so hard! She had the biggest smile..... She was just having FUN again!

I quickly remembered something from my childhood that has stuck with me for a long time. I was young maybe 5 or 6, and I was at my grandmas house. I was in the bathroom and was playing around while I was washing my hands. I ended up breaking the beautiful glass angel soap despenser. I just sat there trying to figure out what to do. I must have thought of a thousand ways to tell my grandma, because I knew she would be really mad! Before I knew it she was knocking on the door wanting to know what I was doing. I opened the door and started crying! She wrapped me up in the biggest hug and told me that I ment more to her than that beautiful angel. I have always remembered how she treated me and oh how special I felt!

I know these things are so different because I knew what I was doing and what I did was wrong. I am not sure if Lyza always knows! But I know one thing for sure... I want her to feel that same love from me! These things are enough to drive a person mad! But I keep reminding myself of my grandmas reaction... I learned something one time as I was giving a talk. D&C 29:47 That satan does not have any power to tempt little children until they are at an accountable age. So she is not being bad, just curious!

She wrapped her little arms around me today (without me asking) and gave me the biggest hugs and kisses and just walked off leaving me with the biggest smile! Thats when its all worth it!