Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast to Remember!

We have made some amazing friends out here! Our Thanksgiving dinner was filled with some of our good friends and lots and lots of food! I had such a great time cooking things for the first time, stuffing myself so full I wondered if it would stay down, then lounging around while listening to the boys holler at the football game. It wasn't home but it sure substiuted very well! This year we had the feast at our house and I cooked the following; Turkey (Marcus did most of it or from the expiriance it realistically would be a another meat I couldnt bear to eat), yams (of course with the marshmallows), Grandma White's apple pie (it was beautiful!), Gravy (it separated?? I am still confused!), and the rolls! We had 3 other families over that brought everything else you could think of! Great day, great company, and great food!

Isn't it pretty?

This is the huge bird! Good job to Marcus, he soaked it in a bryne and baked it!

Lyza ate so much! She loved it!

I have been tagged!

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Rocking the poodle haircut! Gag!
2. Attending Franklin Charter School..."THE OFFICIAL BUBBLE"
3. Had my first make-out party... Spin the bottle... Who didnt play? Swaping spit with all of your friends is fun! SICK!
4. Meeting Linds at "the corner" to hang out we are still bff!
5. Fighting with my sister about borrowing my shoes - her feet stretched my shoes out and I could always tell when she was lying. Thanks for this one Jack! Memories :)

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Clean; I really hate that!
2. Have fun with Lyza
3. pick up sheet protectors for my cookbook
4.cook dinner
5. Think of Christmas gift ideas

5 snacks I enjoy:
If you know me at all you would know Hot Cheetos are my fav snack!
1. string cheese
2. edamame
3. teddy grahams
4. red vines
5. sun valley granola bars

5 songs I know the lyrics to:
1. Love me tender-Elvis
2. Ataris- Boys of Summer
3. Better Together-Jack Johnson
4. Meet Virginia- Train
5. Counting Crows Mr. Jones

5 things I will never wear again:
1. The poodle haircut... Not just the haircut but an awesome frizzy perm to go along with it! I have tried many times to erase this memory... And it still haunts me....
2. scrunch socks; but it was only cool to alternate the colors, and they must go with the nike pump ups!
3. Blue & purple mascara I always stole this from my sister...Of course it was hard to lie about it!
4. I have to agree with Lindsay ... the fanny pack still grosses me out, but they were hands free..... Just kidding I would never!
5. Peacock bangs! So not cute...

5 of my favorite toys:
1. i pod.. Very nifty!
2. Wii... Jacquelyn got me addicted!
3. I played jestures for the first time and loved it! Is that a toy?
4. I wish I used the video camera more.. When I do I love it! Ours is just a lunker... Maybe a new smaller one with hookups to the computer will make it on our x-mas list. Just maybe!
5. Computer! I am so thankful that I am in this generation... I couldnt live without google. But maybe it fuels my crazy! Who knows?

I AM TAGGING: Amy & Angela Yetter, Michelle Mcclure and all of my Ohio pals!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


We wanted to wait to show Lyza the puppy in fear that she would accidently hurt it. It wasnt long before she figured out where the whimpering was coming from. She found the puppy and the rest is history...Every time I dont hear Lyza I know where she is... Off to get the puppy. She has been found rocking and cuddling the puppy, she even gives it kisses and pats on the back. She is so funny because she insists on him having his blankie, and she gets mad at tilly for checking on him. She has been so good with him, and I am glad because he will be good with kids!

Changing Seasons

I am so sad. It feels like fall has just come with all the breath taking colors, and now winter is just taking them all away! I have really enjoyed every second this Fall, living in Arizona all my life I haven't really experienced a real Fall! I don’t think I could have imagined how beautiful it really is! The leaves are almost every shade of red, pink, orange, yellow, gold, green and brown! It’s truly amazing! I will be looking forward to it again next year...
This morning was the first official day of snow. It was more like flurries, but still I know Jack Frost is coming! He is already blowing his mighty winds! They were at 25 mph last night! Yep! That’s right! 25 mph! It was crazy it sounded like howling wolves! I know that it will be blistering cold (it is already in the low 40's) but it will be so fun to have a white December for the first time ever! I am just loving all of our new experiences here as a family!

Bath Time Fun!

Lyza just loves to take baths! The other day I decided we would have a bubble hair-a-thon! We had so much fun!

We call this the tribute to Alfalfa....

We call this the almighty Scorpion....

This is the cupie doll look....

ROCK ON!! You little rock-star!

And my favorite... Tazmanian Lyza!

And this was our attempt at Ace Ventura.. But Marcus says it looks more like Johnny Bravo..