Monday, December 31, 2007

So Much Fun In Az

While we were down in Az for X-Mas break we were able to do so many things and see so many people. I want to document as much as I can, so I can look back and remember these memories. We met Papa greg ad Grandma GG at the Mesa Temple to see the gorgeous display of lights. They add 1,000 lights a year, it is always fun to see if you notice where they put them.

We made a trip to the Yetter cabin as well while we were there. We had fun playing games and were able to go snow boarding! Marcus' little brother got a wii for X-Mas so you know that everyone played guitar hero until their fingers hurt! Lyza and I built a snowman. It was fun, because she was trying to help.. As soon as we were done all she wanted to do was sit on his lap... She is such a funny little girl! We had such a good time up there.

I have forgotton how beautiful and diverse AZ is. As we drove we went through the desert, mountains, then the pine trees covered in snow. I always thought Az was ugly and so hot, but being away I have realized how beautiful it is.

Christmas Joys

I am so late posting about December! But I wanted to before I forgot too much. We woke up Christmas morning at Marcus parents. Lyza had a great time opening presents. She was so excited to rip the paper! (without getting in trouble) The first couple of times she looked up at us like " Is this okay?" We received lots of great gifts and gave his parents a web cam so we can see them whenever we want. We then went to Marcus grandparents, The Whites, to enjoy the yearly tradition of waffles for breakfast. It was nice to see the whole family on X-mas Day. We had a pretty busy day because its only about half way over... We then went to my moms house, opened gifts and spent time with the family. Guess what we gave my parents... A web cam as well! After, we then went to my grandmas house and gave them my favorite gift to give this X-mas... A composite dvd of their lives and their posterity. I spent so much time making it, I was so excited to give it. They enjoyed it, my grandpa cried with joy and joked saying,"Its time to turn it off, I am getting old." My grandma didnt say much although I know she really enjoyed it. I caught her several times telling someone about it. We then went to have a shower. No we didn't get one yet! More than half the day gone and no shower... Thats what its all about, right? Pj's, family, relaxing, enjoying, and remembering the real reason we were all brought together in the first place. We then went to my dads house and had a terrific dinner, spent more time with more family, and opened gifts. I bet you cant guess this time what we bought this set of parents... You guessed right! A web cam. I am really excited about this, because we have already used them. Its not often you can buy something for parents they actually use. We had a really great Christmas spending time with all of our family. A special thanks to Rich and Teresa for getting us there to let these memories happen.

This is a childrens nativity The Yetter family does every year during their X-mas Party. Lyza was an angel.

Us on X-mas morning.

One of the many toys Lyza liked.

An amazing pic a friend of mine, Laura Ellingson took of Lyza with the real Santa!

Lyza after her bath on X-mas day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Polar express

We arrived to Az on the 18 and we had the Polar express train ride on the 20th. We all gathered at my moms house and took off to Williams Grand Canyon Railway from there. Before we left, Lyza enjoyed playing with all of the animals at grandmas house.. Her favorite of course was Lewie. She didn't want to get off and wanted to keep hugging and kissing him. It was really cute!
On the way we stopped at a burger and pie joint, that we stopped at last year and had lunch. When we arrived at our hotel we had Lyza open her new pj's and got ready for the North Pole.

We were able to visit Mrs. Clause and write Santa a letter before we boarded the train.

We had cookies and hot chocolate on the train and made the quick trip to the North Pole! Thank goodness for all those warp tunnels on the way.... =)

 Santa then came on the train and handed out bells from his sleigh!

Lyza decided they were fun to bite onto and shake around by moving her head back and forth! She had a blast!

We sung Christmas songs all the way back.. It was so neat watching all the kids faces light up. The magic in their eyes is something I wont forget. We had a great time and hope it stays a tradition to go back next year.

Thank you so much to Papa Jeff and Grandma Wendy for the wonderful trip!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Note To Self....

Don't piss off the pizza man!!! I was craving mushroom and tomato pizza from Papa Johns. Marcus had found an online discount, but it wouldn't let us place an order! So it told us to contact the store. Well to make a long story short, they didn't believe us of the online deal, they got their panties in a wad, and accused us of trying to get free pizza. So they then requested us to print the deal to show them... Well we did and they gave us their promotion. When I opened my pizza (marcus ordered a separate peperoni pizza) it smelt funny.... Kinda like sardines or something. Marcus told me my sniffer was hallucinating, so Lyza and I ate it. BAD IDEA!!!! Lyza and I got food poisoning!!! Dang you Papa Johns for ruining my favorite pizza! I wont be able to eat it EVER again!