Saturday, February 16, 2008

Best Ever!

Being raised in Az, I have to say we have the BEST Mexican food around! Marcus and I have greatly missed it. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My sister always told me I was Mexican inside because of my love for the food. Marcus and I were talking the other night about El Charro and their fabulous bean and cheese burritos. So the next day I was motivated to find a tortilla recipe and make us some long craved burros. Well, I searched the web and found dozens of recipes and attempted... They turned out like crackers! I was so depressed! A couple days later Marcus had come home and was hovering over the computer and told me to get lost, he was doing something for me for Valentines Day. Bad idea to tell me that, because I cant not know what it was! I snuck back to the computer and looked at the history and found out what he had ordered! I know.... I am horrible! I just couldn't help it! I was one of those kids that secretly opened my X-mas presents so carefully and re-taped them because I couldn't handle not knowing what I got. I am just too curious! Marcus was so mad! Sorry honey! So Valentines Day I had a delivery, a tortilla Press. I have to say, I was secretly thinking.. What a sweet thing to do, but what a waste of money! I cant make tortillas! I know, now I am extra horrible! So I was looking forward to the trip to Az to find a "real" recipe so I could use it. Marcus spent a couple minutes and found a new recipe on the internet, and we were off to the store to buy lard. Sick! But it was the secret ingredient, they turned out fabulous! Marcus, Lyza and I were so happy to have our burrito fix! Thank you to Marcus for the best present ever!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And... Still Snowing!

We have had a huge storm come our way. All the schools were cancelled yesterday and some today. I had a knock at the door at 2:00 this afternoon. I was thinking "Oh, crap!", because I was not ready for the day and was embarrassed to see who it was. Well to my surprise... It was Marcus! Home early because his school had closed due to the storm! Yahoo! Its so nice to have him around! He decided to bundle up Lyza and take her outside to make snow angels, they were so cute out there. Lyza refused to come inside, she was lovin' it!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Marcus' Birthday

Well the day started out like any other day... Marcus was gone by the time we woke up and we went about our daily routine. If you know Lyza well, you know that she loves to sing, and be sung to. Besides that, she can really carry a tune! She has been able to sing the "We are a happy family" song since she was 16 months. Anyway back to topic... I must have sang Happy Birthday a million times today so she would be able to sing it to Marcus when he got home. We made chocolate cupcakes for him and Lyza loved helping make a mess and lick the spoon (I think that was her favorite part).

Well Marcus got home and Lyzas song went a little like this... hum hum hum hum to you, hum hum hum hum to you, hum hum hum hum duh daddy, hum hum hum hum to you! It was really cute and might I say, on tune! Surprise, because I cant sing! Haha. Well Marcus and I had some friends babysit last minute and we went out to Marcus' favorite restaurant (Cheesecake Factory). We had a really nice, long needed date night!

Well until Marcus got pulled over on the way home for making an illegal u-turn! Might I add that this is the second time in the past 3 weeks he has been pulled over, and wouldn't you know he didn't get a ticket either time! Lucky! We are even luckier I wasn't driving those times because I ALWAYS get a ticket! So all in all we really did have a good night!