Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Sunday

We didn't wake up bright and early this year, we actually woke up kinda late! Hurry and got ready for church and took Lyza down stairs to see what the Easter Bunny brought! This year he brought three baskets... I am glad she is not old enough to question why.. I would have to say because the grandma Easter bunnies knew your grandmas live far away so they came too...??? Kinda confusing, huh? Anyway, she had a blast opening all the baskets, we hurried and got her ready in her new Easter dress. It was always a family tradition on my side to have a new dress for Easter Sunday. So even though she has plenty of dresses I felt it necessary to buy another.

We had Easter dinner with some of our best friends Casey and Brandon Borer. They brought a delicious ham and we had some yummy fixings to go with. Its so nice to have friends like them here, to share days like this one! Before dinner, Casey came over while the guys studied for their exams. We had a good time coloring eggs with Lyza. I was pleasantly surprised she didn't get too messy, but she did end up breaking most of the eggs when we were through coloring them. She thought they opened like the plastic ones, and insisted on trying to open everyone! We had a great Easter even though it was not like the ones we remember, this one was so cold and snow covered the ground!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break

We were able to go to Arizona for spring break! We were all so excited to get out of the cold and spend time in the sun! Lyza and I went a week early while Marcus had exams. We were able to attend my grandmothers 85th birthday party, it meant a lot to me to be able to be there. She has been a mother to me when my mom wasn't able, has given me some of the best advice, is always there for me for whatever I need, and most of all she has been a great example to me in so many different ways. I have grown especially close to her throughout the past years, and I hope someday I will mean as much to one of my grandchildren as she does to me. I also was fortunate enough to have VERY loyal clients to attend to throughout the rest of the week, that kept me very busy. When Marcus was through with exams he was able to jump on a plane and spend spring break with us. Needless to say, we spent most of our time outdoors! The weather was absolutely beautiful.
One of our days Marcus and I went to my moms and saddled up the horses and took them for a ride. Since they haven't been out much lately, my mom expected them to be a little jumpy. Well, I thought for sure Ranger broke my foot when he had an episode and stepped on it, but he just left me a little swollen and bruised. We left Lyza upset at home while Marcus and I took them around the block to see how they would be, I had a good couple of laughs at Lewie and Marcus! They were both a little jumpy and I kept picturing them taking off down the street because of some stray dog jumping out of the bushes, or one of the cars zooming by... We were able to go back and get Lyza after a while, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and was upset when the ride came to an end.
We spent one of the days hiking to the wind caves at Usury Pass. I forgot how beautiful the desert is when it is blooming. There were gold and purple flowers growing everywhere. Before we left I made a baby backpack from some of Marcus' old shirts. Lets just say it worked wonderfully until the end of the 3 mile hike. I think Lyza's Legs got sore, so I wont be marketing what I thought was a brilliant idea. When Lyza became restless, we would hand her a wild flower that amused her for some time until she pulled all the petals off then became upset because it was gone. She also enjoyed the occasional lizzard we would spot.

Swimming was one of my favorite things to do. We snuck into one of the resorts in Scottsdale that has an amazing pool. You better believe we were not one of their high rollin' clients with their lowest room being a measly $550 a night.. But we did enjoy their pool! Hehehe... I bought Lyza a swim suit on the way and she was so excited to wear it. The rest of the week she insited putting it on over whatever she had on at the time, and called it her "swim soup". Lyza and Marcus were entertained for most of the time feeding the ducks that found their way into the beach section of the pool. We met a friend of mine and her little boy there, Crew, it was so nice to see them! Lyza and Crew had a good time.

The ducks must love Arizona, because one of the days we went to Riverview park, with my sister and her two kids, and found a duck party! The kids loved it! They would even come up and take the bread from your hands! Every time Lyza would laugh so hard and instantly be looking for another piece of bread to feed to them. I loved hanging out at the park with Jacquelyn and her mini-selves! One of my favorite parts was when Keston, her oldest, decided to take a pee "behind the bushes". It was one of those innocent moments when a child thinks since he cant see anyone no one can see him! I almost peed myself laughing so hard! The kids had a great time running up and down the hills over and over! I wish we didn't live so far, so they could spend more days like this one together.

We were also able to attend a yearly rodeo that happens in my old neighborhood. Lehi Days... Brings back old memories when I participated not too long ago. We had a good time watching the events, eating a yummy bbq, playing with animals, and seeing old friends. Lyza is always easy to entertain when it involves animals and being outside.

Our trip was filled with so many good memories I could go on and on writing, but I will stop before this becomes a novel. I must say upon our arrival home I had a very rude awakening.... I was wearing sandals and had lots of snow to trudge through just to get to the front door! Winter! Hear me loud and clear!!! You are not welcome anymore, go away and let spring come, PLEASE!!!!