Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Big 24...

Yes I had a birthday... One more year and I am able to rent a car and not have to pay an under age fee.. Yea! Hahaha. I am still trying to think of benefits to getting older. I may run out soon! First thing in the morning a couple of us preggo girls went out and had a really yummy, very large, breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I dont know about them, but I came home and took a nap! Then later, Marcus was sooo sweet to have made reservations at my favorite Japaneese restaurant Shinto's, (because he hates it), and invite some of our friends along.... He was a big sport! After, we all came home and enjoyed my favorite... Angel food cake, strawberies, homemade whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream! I couldnt have asked for more! Best day ever!

Friday, June 27, 2008

What We Have Been Up To!!!

Well the past 3 days I feel like I have seen tooo much of this!!!

Lyza and I went to the store and picked out big girl panties! Headed home and set a timer for every 45 min. and sat on the potty.. Well the first day we went through 5 pairs of panties. The next day was accident free! Today... Three accidents.. Bummer, but I feel like she is doing so great! She sleeps and wakes up dry, and tells us when she needs to go to the "toto". I am grateful she is willing to learn without any resistance. We have been rewarding her with little treats every time she sits on the potty, but there are the false alarms.... That I know is because she just wanted a candy. She is so funny! She has got it all figured out, and she even tries to talk us into giving her two. Haha! She has been a trooper, but I think I have seen too much of the john lately! Between the two of us peeing all the time I am quite sick of the bathroom! I keep reminding myself it could be worse.... I could be in Japan with one of these for a toilet!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Football Champs

Marcus' school put together a flag football tournament to raise money for... Something....? Well anyway, Marcus and some friends were able to choose a team and participate. It was so fun to go and watch him have fun for once! Poor guy is always so wrapped up in school and studying. Well wouldn't you know, they won! It is so fun seeing all of them (not just Marcus) have such a competitive spirit, and little Lyza cheering so proudly for her daddy from the side lines! Good job honey!