Friday, October 31, 2008


This year was so fun to go trick-or-treating with Lyza and Cyndal! I am sure every year will get even better. Lyza was a "Witch, a good witch". And Cyndal was a little bunny. We had Grandpa Richard here from Az, so he was able to join in on the fun. Lyza was so cute, the first house was our neighbor and landlord Kim. Lyza said "trick-or-treat", and Kim gave her a candy. Well Lyza put it in her bag and looked back up at her and said... "Lyza wants another one candy." So Kim laughed and gave her another. Lyza put that one in her bag, and looked back up again with a huge grin and said "Lyza wants lots of candy!" We both were laughing so hard! Smart kid, she caught on fast. Why go to all of the houses when you can just go to one? Right? For the rest of the night she went to each house and was a good sport to take "just one candy". We had so much fun, and it was so nice to have Grandpa Richard here! At the end of the night Lyza and Grandpa Richard dumped out all the candy and took inventory and made sure they were all good to go.. Thats always the best part seeing all the candy you got from a hard nights work.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin carving

We got together with a couple of our friends (the Liljenquist's) to carve pumpkins for Hallow's Eve. We had so much fun carving and then eating baked pumpkin seeds. Lyza wasn't to grossed out pulling the goo-lash innards out, and she even helped carve with daddy. I never realized that most of the time it is the adults doing the carving and having more fun! I guess too that little ones have short attention spans so Lyza came and went, but she enjoyed herself. Little Cyndal just hung out on the bean bag chair, she is such a good baby! She hardly ever cries, and is such a good sport to go along with whatever is going on.   

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Tradition

Every year the Yetter family gets together to decorate Halloween cookies. Of course this has become one of our traditions here in Ohio. Lyza had fun using the cookie cutters, it took a bit of teaching because she kept cutting over the already cut... Everyone knows the most fun is decorating! Lyza of course ate more decorations than went on her cookies, and Marcus felt the need to decorate a ghost in Micah's behalf. Micah is in Portugal serving a mission, so he didnt get to decorate this year. Every year Micah decorates an exposed ghost and tries to sneak it into the rest of the cookies. I guess Marcus was missing the yearly Micah tradition....

One Of Marcus' Loves...

Basketball! He was invited to gather a team and play on a tournament that the dental school was putting on. It was good to see him enjoying himself after a long test week. He played great, and so did his fellow podiatry team mates... So we are not sure if they will be invited back next year, because they won the whole thing! We all had a really good time, but as usual there is usually something bad with every good... Marcus hurt his foot! The pictures were taken 3 days after the injury, so believe it or not it was worse than the pictures show...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Monday is free zoo day here in Cleveland. The sun was shining so we jumped at the chance. Lyza loves seeing the animals and we were a little late getting there this time... Needless to say she was upset she wasn't able to see the lions and the elephants... They were eating inside. Big bummer! But she did get to sport the new hat mom made for her =) and of course Cyndal had a matching one on... She was strapped to me so.... No pics! Ahhh... I will make sure to get some next time! The leaves have all changed and it is just breathtaking... We are gonna try and take some pics this week before they all fall.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sisters... I am missing mine!

I am just so happy that Lyza and Cyndal have each other. Even though Cyndal doesn't do much right now, Lyza just loves her. She even has been sharing her toys... I will find toys in Cyndals crib, bouncer, and I even found Cyndal cuddling Lyza's mickey mouse. I am so happy Lyza has been so accepting and loving. I worried she would be mean and jealous, but quite the opposite! She always wants to cuddle, rock, and sing songs to "baby findle". I know they will grow up and have good memories together, and they will always have each other! I am blessed to have a sister close in age to me, as I see my girls together I just smile. To know the friendship that will just keep growing makes me homesick for my big sis...

My big sis and I

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day At The Park

Lyza really wanted to go to the park the past couple days. Today was decent outside so we took a walk, and had an awesome afternoon. Since I had Cyndal in the baby bjorn, I didnt get to take any pics of her... She was there, enjoying the outdoors. We had a good time singing songs, playing, and swinging. Lyza insisted on finding a way on the swing "all by myself" It was a classic moment of try, try, try again!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Of Our Favorite Things....

We went fishing again! We are on our quest to see if the steelhead trout have started making runs up stream.... Marcus loves fishing even if there isn't a catch... Lyza has picked up this love! She loves hangin' out with dad and she likes holding the fishing pole. When dad looks the other way she dips the end in the water. Its really funny because she knows he doesn't want her to, but she cant resist. She tells us she is just feeding the fishies a snack. I wonder what she will do when we really catch one? We enjoy having dad home Saturdays, especially because it is easier to get out of the house and spend time together as a family!