Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Arizona Vacation

     We went to Arizona for the Christmas break. I was especially grateful for this, because I was able to see my Grandpa before he passed away. We were able to attend his services, and see lots of family. This experience was so hard for me. I haven't ever lost a close family member, and it tore me to pieces. The only thing that kept me together was my knowledge of the Gospel. Knowing that because of the Saviors atoning sacrifice, and the plan of salvation we can and will be together again. I am so grateful for this knowledge, and I don't know what I would do without it in my life.
     During the break we did so many things, I hope I can remember all of them. It was a special trip for so many reasons, one because most of our family hadn't met Cyndal yet. So it was neat to show her off. Marcus also had another eye surgery. He had the ICL done in July, and they made the holes a little too big. So he had to get them stitched up. This was no fun for him because they forgot to tell him not to eat. So he wasn't able to get all the meds. he needed. We are relieved that the surgery is over and hope that his eyes heal as expected.

Over the week of Christmas we had so many family parties. One at Marcus' Uncle Danny's. This one was the whole White side (Marcus' Moms). There we had a talent show and dinner, also scripture reading with the kids dressing up for the nativity. This year Lyza was a shepard and Cyndal was baby Jesus. Lyza was so excited for this and talked about it all day, but when the time came she cried because everyone was looking at her.

  We also had a family party at my Aunt Lisa's house. We had a dinner and had a white elephant exchange. We have had this every year since I can remember, so it was nice to keep tradition. I won the cook book Deceptively Delicious, and I cant wait to try it out! After we read scriptures and sang Christmas songs. It was nice to see my dads side of the family, because we rarely get together. We even had a family bbq at my dads before we left. We played card games and had some good laughs.
     My sister also had a Christmas dinner at her house. Her in-laws cooked most of the food, and it was so fun to try some of their traditional foods. Like the celery with cheese in it, the gravy with hard boiled eggs, and the stuffing with corn bread mix. Those things were the most foreign to me, but to my surprise I really enjoyed it! 
     Christmas morning we woke up at Marcus' Moms. We exchanged gifts and spent time together. As I have gotten older, I really enjoy watching the little ones the most. We then went to Marcus' Grandma Whites house. Every year she makes waffles and the most amazing tangerine slush. Before we leave she hands out handmade knitted dish cloths to all the married grandchildren. (my fav thing!) We then ventured to my Moms house to exchange gifts and spend some time. After that we went to my Dads for the same thing. We had such a great day full of family and traditions. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without all of this.

  After the holiday we went to the Yetter cabin in Pine Top/ Lakeside Marcus and I were able to go boarding together, thanks to his parents for watching the kids! During the vacation we even got to see some friends and go horseback riding with grandma Wendy! Our trip to Az was so jam packed I still don't know if I covered everything.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

I forgot all my envelopes at home when we went to Az. So I didn't get to send out our Christmas card... I am totally bummed about it, because I printed them and everything! O well I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We love you all!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Came Early To Ohio!

This morning Santa came to our house! He knew we would be going to Arizona tomorrow so he brought Lyza a play kitchen! She was so excited last night. She went right to bed without any fussing! She woke right up this morning ready to run down stairs. I am horrible and didn't take any pictures of the action, but I have it all on camera. When I figure out how to post it I will. It was probably the best Christmas I have ever had! I love seeing her so happy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We were fortunate enough to have my friend Lara Ellingson take Christmas Santa pictures again this year.Lyza was thankfully so excited and not scared of Santa, and Cyndal was really good as well! Lyza just sat and loved Santa, I didn't think she would ever want to get down. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "A play kitchen!" A couple days ago we went to Target for fun, because we had been couped up too long. We went through probably every one of the isles to pass some time. Lyza found a play kitchen there that she sat and played with forever! When we went down other isles she would say."Oh! Dinners ready!" Then she would run back and play again. Since we saw Santa, Lyza hasn't stopped talking about how he is going to bring her a play kitchen. It has been an exciting thing to have her be so into Christmas this year. I think it is even better being a parent, because I am so excited that she is so excited.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Binki Fairy

Lyza just loves her binki! Well, so do we... It is so nice to just plug it in when she is being cranky, and she instantly goes to sleep! Well we limited the binki strictly to bed when she turned 1 and I told myself it was GONE when she turned 2. Well we all couldn't part with it when the time came, and I have been thinking of it since.... We went to a friends house for the afternoon and when we came home and got ready for bed I told Lyza we left her binki at her friends house. We didn't really, I just wanted to know what it would be like if we got rid of it... She was totally fine! No crying at all! She just insisted we pick it up in the morning. She didnt forget the next morning, but ended up finding one later that day. So Lyza and I gathered all the binkis and put them in a box, wrapped it all pretty, and I explained that the "Binki Fairy" needed more binki's to take to new babies and in return she would leave a nice present! Lyza was so into it, and it worked like a charm! She has asked for them on and off, but I remind her of where they are, and she is fine. I wish I would have known it would have worked out this well, I would have done it sooner!