Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Pictures

My friend, Lara Ellingson took some more amazing pictures for us. I am so grateful to her for capturing these moments. They brought me to tears the first time I saw them. I couldn't say enough times how grateful I am for my family, for my husband and for my girls my Father in Heaven has blessed me with. I feel like the luckiest person on earth!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finger Paints

Lyza got some finger paint in her Easter basket and has been begging me since to paint, so we broke out the paint while Cyndal was napping. We both had a blast and I cant wait to make a framed project with her art. Lyza was so cute when I was explaining that the paint was messy so we needed to watch where we were touching and not to wipe on our clothes. She was quiet and listened and when I was done she ran in and got her apron and was ready to go. I love how she actually listens and understands and puts a plan together without me having to ask. Its a great age, and I find that as she passes through stages there are good and bad. I miss the things she was doing but also think its great for the new things she figures out and new things she starts doing. I miss that she doesn't always sleep with her hand inside her armpit anymore, and the way she used to wake up in the morning saying "See-we-al" in this sad voice like her stomach was eating its self, and I miss the way she used to say Cyndals name (Fyndal). Now she has moved on to new things that I am sure I will miss when she stops.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We received a package from Grandma Teresa that the girls had a blast opening earlier in the week. It was nice to get into the spirit of Easter early this year. It makes the holiday last more than one day. We had some friends invite us over for brunch and an easter egg hunt Saturday. We had such a nice time being outside for once! Lyza and Cyndal looked so cute with their bunny ears and their baskets in hand. I think they both enjoyed the hunt. Lyza learned the art of trading candy with her friend and enjoyed it so much they both disappeared and were found sitting trading their candy back and forth. It was pretty funny to watch. Sunday we had the girls open their baskets early and then we had a wonderful meeting at church. It was a beautiful meeting and we enjoyed being brought back to the true meaning of Easter. I am so grateful for this season and holiday we have to remind of of the sacrifice Christ made for us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fishing Excursions

We have been fishing a hand full of times the past couple weeks. I was secretly hoping Marcus would catch lots of steelhead so his need would be filled,and we could do other things with our spare time. Instead we caught lots of sucker fish. It made things more interesting and I guess its better than nothing, but it kept us going back frequently in pursuit of the steelhead trout. I am now grateful that he didn't catch the steelhead because we wouldn't have gone back as frequently. Well maybe we would have, but I am grateful for the time we spent together there at the river. It started the bedtime stories for "Marvin the fish" that Lyza beggs for everynight before bed. I know it sounds silly, but I know Marcus and Lyza have so much fun making up adventures for Marvin the fish and I also secretly like listening to them as well!