Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yea for Cyndal!

She cut her first tooth today! Lots more to come with swollen gums! Poor girl!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Remember Today May 29th

Well Marcus has been back to school for about two weeks now. Studying for boards and taking two summer school classes. We already miss him to pieces! Today we were able to get him home earlier for dinner because I had some late appointments. While I was down doing some hair Lyza sneaked away from Marcus' watch and decided to come "make lightening". She started to flicker the light switch on and off from upstairs... So there was not much I could do about it! She thought it was halarious and giggled while she was "making lightning". I have no clue where she heard that or even how she came up with it, but it was pretty funny the first couple times. I LOVE this girl! Cyndal is now officially into EVERYTHING! I try to do the dishes, she is in the dishwasher! I try to eat, where is Cyndal you ask? Trying to grab the plate or everything on the plate. She also has the pinching thing down so I have to vacuum alot! I have to say little "Rere" is very curious and will find a way to get into whatever she wants with a big grin of satisfaction! Its very okay though, her innocents, gummy smile, and slobbery kisses well makes up for her mischief!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remember Today May 14th

Today was a great day, sunny and warm! Days like these have been few and far between so when we have them I feel all giddy inside. We started off the day finishing the cleaning project we started last night. I bought a huge blow up bouncer for dirt cheap on craigslist that I thought we could use at Lyza's birthday party. There was one major catch, it was bug infested and so dirty! I mean filthy, grimy, left outside all winter and spring dirty... When I saw it I almost left, I couldn't even count how many potato bugs and centipedes there were and it smelt funny too. But I wrapped it up in a tarp and headed home. Marcus and I pressure washed it and left it to soak in a baby pool of clorox water over night. This morning we couldn't believe the power of clorox! It was awesome, after a rinse and drying it looks great! Lyza even got in a bounced around. She loved it and I am so excited for her party, the kids will love it. We ran some errands and played some tennis then returned home for dinner. Lyza's room was still hidden under all the balloons, so i suggested popping some. She was mad about the idea and insisted against it. When I came in with a needle she decided to give it a try, and she loved it! She is so funny, she sat and coaxed the balloons toward her saying, "Come here little buddy" or "Come here little girl" for the pink and orange ones and "Come here little boy" for the blue and red ones. Then she would rub them, and kiss some of them, and then poke! She didnt even jump, and sometimes she would let out a little giggle then coax the next over for "their surgery". I guess we have been watching too much House... I love this little girl! She is getting so big too quick, but I love that she is so aware and full of things to say to keep me on my toes! Oh Lyza, got to love her!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Remember Today May 13th

Today was Marcus' last final! Hallelujah!! I didn't think this day would ever get here! This morning we had Lyza's Kindermusik class, so we took cupcakes and lolly pops. Lyza was grinning ear to ear when everyone sang to her, then she so proudly helped me hand out the goodies. I think she will think birthdays will be a weekly thing because we are having birthday things on 3 different days. That's OK though, I love to celebrate it just as much as she has.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remember Today May 12th

Lyza's Birthday! It all started late last night. We stayed up late and pumped up 150 balloons and sneaked them into Lyza's room while she was sleeping. She woke up bright and early (6am) and said," I am smiling, because I am happy for my balloons!" She is so funny! She loved them, and she spent a while playing in them and then hiding with daddy underneath them. I hope this can be a yearly tradition in our family, I think it made her feel super special. We then went downstairs to open all of her gifts. She loved all her presents and cards. I think she was super spoiled by all our family too! Lots of great gifts! She loved all the phone calls and told everyone about her room full of balloons. We took pizza to Marcus' school and had dinner with him there, and then we left to let him study and we came home and made cupcakes. Lyza was thrilled to help and was so excited about her cupcakes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Remember Today May 11th

Today Cyndal started clapping! I love watching her progress and be so happy for it! There is still a piece inside me that wishes that these things wouldn't happen yet. That I could just preserve her and keep her my baby forever. At the same time I couldn't be happier seeing her progress, kind of bitter sweet. I just love her sweetness and happy spirit she brings into our lives. I love her huge open mouthed smile that is so contageous, and the way she waves her hands and hicks her feet every time I walk into the room. There is just this piece in my being that cant get enough of her. It still amazes me how much a parent can love their children. My heart aches at the thought of being away from them! Its like an addiction! I don't know what I will do when they grow up and move away! My heart will surely go too. I am glad I don't have to think about that for a while!

Lyza also had a shining moment today. She came into my room with her shoes on the wrong feet. I laughed and let her know. She looked a little confused and looked down, looked back up at me, then looked down again. I could just see the wheels turning, then she crossed her legs and looked back up and then said "there, is that better mama?" Gotta love this girl, and her abstract way of thinking. She will grow up and be a artist of some sort for sure. I let her know that didn't work, and that she needed to take her shoes off and change feet. She seemed a ittle discouraged but agreed to change shoes...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remember Today May 10th

I loved my Mothers Day! It all began with a surprise date night last night! Marcus managed to get a babysitter and make dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant in the mist of finals! I felt like such a lucky girl, but it didn't end there! I woke up to breakfast in bed, my favorite breakfast I might add, biscuits and gravy with orange juice! I was even able to shower alone uninterrupted! Ahh, one of the little things I never would have thought I would miss! Marcus also got the girls mostly ready for church! This was already more than I could have asked for, but then Marcus and the girls surprised me with a beautiful corsage to wear to church. I am so impressed at the thought Marcus put into making this day so great for me. I am so grateful for such a wonderful hubby and the most beautiful, sweet daughters in the world! I felt overly, extremely blessed today! And I loved every second of it too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Remember Today May 8th

Today has been a long week, Marcus is in the middle of his finals and I think they will NEVER end! I cant wait for them to be over and be back to normal life! Today we went to the house friend of mine, Lara Ellingson, and she helped me can a bunch of food. I am trying to build our food storage and she was so awesome to help! We canned chicken, almonds, blueberries, craisons, and chocolate chips. I am excited to have so much done! 
Today also is a very special day for Cyndal... She learned to crawl! I loved watching her, she was so slow and cautious with her robotic movements and a huge smile! It was so satisfying to see her so proud of herself. I cant believe we are already to this milestone. Time wont stop going by faster everyday.