Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of Pre-School

Lyza had her first day of pre-school today! It was so fun to see her emotions and be with her for her first school experience. Last night we put braids in her hair because she wanted her hair to be "curly". She probably slept better than I did with the excitement of the big morning ahead of us. We got ready for the morning, and kissed Dad and Cyndal good-bye and headed off to school. As we talked I explained to Lyza that I only got to go with the first 2 days, then she got to go by herself next week. She didnt really seem to mind about that, she just wanted to bring Cyndal with her. "Mom Cyndal Marie-re will be all by herself, what will she do when I am at school?" Saying as if the world would stop without her there, Lyza seemed very genuinely concerned for Cyndal. I thought it was so cute to see her concerned about her sister, especially because they aggravate each other so much. We took some pictures outside just before going in. Lyza's feet turned into cement as we walked in the door, she wouldn't take one more step. I think it was then all the excitement wore off. She looked up at me and said, "Mom I am nervous!" I dont remember exactly how I explained to her that everyone else was nervous too, but she finally walked in behind me. I dont think she took her eyes off me once, but she had a good time painting, making a sunshine plate, and having story time. Her teachers are so nice and I am positive she will love her school! I am so excited for her!