Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year I didnt ask the girls what they wanted to be. I figured this is one of the last years I can choose and make them a matching pair. So while they wont care to be matching or have a strong opinion on this matter, I am taking advantage! The girls are little bo peep and a sheep! I made their costumes this year, and swore a thousand times i would never do it again.... We will wait and see next year what happens. Lyza loved wearing her costume to school, the church trunk or treat and for trick or treating! Cyndal loved her tail most of all. She would flop it back and forth saying "floop, floop, floop!" After a while she wasnt as excited, she just wanted to eat the candy. Watching the girls trick or treat was so cute. Lyza was cute teaching Cyndal what to do, and then was on a mission to go as fast as she could. Cyndal tried to keep up for a while, but then gave up and just wanted to eat that candy. The cutest thing was when she said "trick or treat, I a sheep" every time we went to a new stop. I love these girls! They melt my heart... I even was able to get Marcus to wear the traditional candy corn hat! He complains every year, maybe next year I will make him a costume so he wont complain about the hat anymore!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins and Cookies

Every year we try and carry on the Yetter family tradition and frost Halloween cookies then deliver them to neighbors. The girls as always had a blast and ate more decorations than went on the cookies. Marcus had to make "THE" cookie... As for me, I tried to keep the mess minimal and made the only normal looking cookies! Pumpkins were fun too! Lyza and Cyndal weren't scared of getting messy this year. They dug right in and even helped with the carving. Lyza wanted a sad pumpkin (I am not sure why), and Cyndal wanted a happy one.

Monday, October 25, 2010


The circus was in town this week and I was so excited to take the girls! After being timed out a million times on the ticket page we finally secured tickets to the show! We didnt tell the girls we were going, and kept it a surprise. The girls were so excited when we walked into the arena! Their faces were priceless, and it was great to feel like a kid again! Lyza said "When I grow big Mama I want to live at the circus!" Cyndal didnt say much of anything, she watched in amazement, ate lots of liquorice, and loved the elephants. I loved the torrez family motorcycle event, its so amazing how they ride all of those motorcycles in that little 8 foot ball! Marcus didnt really have a favorite, but I think he liked watching our girls excitement the most. He enjoyed watching the tight rope walkers fall too, not something you see too often!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cyndal lately!

Is it that time already? I feel like Cyndal has grown up so fast! She is talking so much, and I feel like it has happened all over the past month! She tries to say or mimic everything, but most of all already asking.... WHY? We will tell her something and the reply is WHY? Its crazy to think she is already to this point! She understands everything and is always copying her big sister. If Lyza asks for something, Cyndal is right behind saying, "Mee too!" I love love her! Another thing she says thats so cute is " Ya I do" If we ask her if she wants something most of the time thats her reply. Dont get me wrong she has the "no" word down pat! She cracks me up with how daring and care free she is, how she is so frugal with her kisses, how she is so sensitive to others feelings already, and most of all how she makes my heart melt when she says "Laa you mama!" (Love you mama) She has been facinated with her baby dolls lately. She carries a pink one around constantly loving, feeding, and diapering it. Today she climbed out of the bath to get her and brought her back to the bath. Nothing the dryer wont fix right? Oh one more thing! Next time you see her ask her "Who is cute?" She will say, "Me me me me!" She really is too, and not afraid to admit it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lyza's 4th Birthday!

Marcus and I are keeping the balloons a tradition, since Lyza enjoyed them so much last year. We stayed up last night blowing up hundreds of balloons for Lyzas special morning. This year she said " I love my birthday, and all my balloons" when she woke up. We went downstairs and opened her presents. Her big present this year was her big girl bike! She was super excited, but then asked if she could go up and play with her balloons! We also had a birthday party for her at an indoor pool. She was extremely spoiled by all her 21 friends that came! Loads and loads of presents! We had pizza and cupcakes with a underwater fish theme. Lyza loved her party but most of all loved playing in the pool with all of her friends. All the kids left with a pair of sandals, the girls were pink decorated with cute ribbon and the boys were cute army print. Lyza and Cyndal crashed in the car on the way home, but when we put them in bed Lyza commented that she was so excited she got to sleep with all her birthday balloons! What a exciting day, I am excited Lyza is growing and learning so much. It is truly a blessing to be her Mother, she brings me so much joy and teaches me so much. I just wish time would slow down a little! I swear just yesterday I was rocking and holding her little 7 pound body in my arms!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

When its quiet....

You will find Cyndal with a mess looking something similar to this....

How could you possibly be mad at this cute little thing? She is too cute! In this picture she was attempting to pour herself a bowl of cheerios!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beach Day

We made a trip to the beach today. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and water. We gave Lyza and Crew mermaid tails and Cyndal had fun making hats out of buckets. Jenny and I tried to relax but spent most of the day chasing kids and wiping faces full of sand. We had a great day and have been enjoying our time out here! Jenny is teaching me some of her yummy cooking recipes and hilarious caterpillar workouts at the gym! I love having this opportunity to have some much needed girl time!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our time In California

Well we made it! I rented a car and drove 6 hours with the kids to Pasadena California. They did well at times and not so well at times, but he most important thing is that we are here safe and sound! It is great to see Jenny, its been a while but we always pick up where we left off. Her boys Crew and Hudson aren't much younger than lyza and Cyndal so I know they will have fun! We have just been settling in and look at them already!

We ended up making a late night run for a new blow up mattress, I guess the kids had too much fun!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time with Daddy

We went to Aunt Angela's to visit the new Rosie today. The kids had so much fun playing with all the new baby chicks! I have to rewind and tell you the story when went to visit Lyzas Rosie she caught at the rodeo. A friend was kind enough to give her a home since her little girl cought a chick too. We promised Lyza we would visit often and when we did Lyza was hysterical! Rosie had grown, she was bigger with real feathers and Lyza hated it! She was sooooo upset! So Marcus and I took her to the feed barn to visit some baby chicks. She was still unsettled, because they weren't her Rosie! Well long story short Aunt Angela bought some chicks for her new coup and named one Rosie for Lyza. So it being Marcus last day of the weekend before he left for Tucson we took Lyza to see her! She was on cloud 9, loved every second of being there. Then we went to the park, played on the slides and spent time with Daddy. It was sad to see him go for another week this time because we weren't going to see him for two! We are going to California to see one of my best friends I haven't seen in ages. I cant wait, but we will miss Dad!

Easter Weekend

Before Marcus went to Tucson for the week we were able to go see the Easter Pageant together. I love going, even though I have had the opportunity to go often in the past, it still brings me to tears every time. There is nothing better than having a renewed and mind refreshing testimony building experience. On Saturday we had a party with the White family. It was fun to see everyone, enjoy good food (Grandmas orange slush and black-eyed pees are Marcus' favorite), watch and help the kids with the egg hunt, and also participate in the famous money egg! That evening Lyza left the Easter bunny some carrots so he would not forget to come to our house. On Sunday morning we had so much fun watching the girls open their Easter baskets. Cyndal was most excited about her bubbles ( the awesome no spill ones of course with this girl), and Lyza wanted to get her water hose open to play with as soon as she saw it. After opening baskets we all snuggled up to watch conference. It was such a wonderful weekend spent together to celebrate a magnificent holiday.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hunting with Daddy

The first hunting expedition; I am not to sure how I feel about it.... Marcus took Lyza hunting outside last night. For squirpions! I am terrified of these ugly little bugs, so part of me thinks they should not be alive anyway. The other part of me aches at the thought of Lyza seeing her dad enjoying taking life from something.... This is one area Marcus and I have to avoid talking about! Lyza seemed to enjoy time with daddy so I didn't say anything....

The second hunting expedition was more pleasing to me, and I think more fun for Lyza. They went into the groves to hunt for lizards. This time it was to catch, not kill. Thank goodness! Marcus and Lyza brought home "Larry the lizard". Lyza and Cyndal had hours of fun playing with him. He was so friendly and just hung out on their shirts as they paraded around with him. Lyza got a kick out of Larry curling around her thumbs up!


Water Fun

We have been outside a lot these past few weeks. Its been tons of fun watching Lyza's love for water grow. Cyndal on the other hand is surprisingly cautious, there's not a lot she is reserved about. Either way its so much fun watching them so happy outside. I know I am excited to be outside in the sun after a long Ohio winter!