Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lost in time I guess!

It has been forever since I posted. The past 6 months hasn't been my fondest memories but I wish I would have still posted. We have been through a whirlwind of bad events and Lyzas bladder infections that I wont even get into! To make a long story short, one misfortune after another. Lessons learned ( I hope) and time to move forward.
Lyza and Cyndal on a normal January day! Crazy hair and pajamas!

Whats new with Lyza girl
She has been saying some of the funniest things, and sometimes most embarrassing things ever!
We were at Sams club checking out. I noticed Lyza was being quiet... You know when kids are quiet, it makes your stomach kinda drop and you wonder whats wrong? Well usually I would find a mess, but this time I saw Lyza staring intently at the cashier, and the following happened so quickly. Lyza looked worried and said "Oh my gosh, one of your tooths are missing!" I quickly glanced at our cashier and her smile vanished and her lips closed. I felt so horrible, she wasn't really missing a tooth but had a rather large gap between her two front teeth. I didnt know what to say, all I said was " Lyza, sometimes its not so nice to say things like that." The end, uncomfortable quiet the rest of the time! Ahhhh! I know there will be plenty more times I am embarrased by things my kids say, I just wish I could think of something better to say when they do.

Example 2:
Lyza and I were on our way to her preschool. She out of the blue says;
Lyza: "Mom, I cant wait to be big like you so I can paint my own fingernails and toenails."
Me: "I can because I will be really old like a grandma, so stay little for a long time!"
Lyza: In her giggly voice " Ya, then you will have gray hair like Grandma Daisy! Hehehe!"
Me: "Oh man! Thats why you have to stay little forever!"
Lyza: " Oh Mom, its ok you will still be beautiful, and I will still love you, and you can still live with me ok?"
Me: "Ok, Lyza as long as you say so"
Lyza: "Ya then you can have hair like Grandma Daisy ok!"

This made me laugh because she was so set on me having hair like Grandma Daisy! She could tell I wasnt so excited and tried to comfort me. It was pretty funny and cute how funny she thought the idea was, but then how she tried to make me ok with it. I love this Girl!

Whats new with Cyndal Marie-re
She is the funniest little thing ever! I am always laughing at something she is doing! She is constanly getting into something or following her big sister around. Her favorite things right now; to get into the tupperware and wear it on her head like a hat She thinks it is so funny. She usually comes to find me and strikes a pose. She loves her apples, she'll eat them right down to the core too. She also loves to dance, whenever she hears music she busts out a new move. She is still so squishy! I still love to squeeze her little thighs! I just love her to pieces! Although I am paying a price of karma with her lately. A couple months ago I would laugh because she would call Marcus and I both Mama. Well now, she calls us both Dada! No matter what I do she just laughs and calls me Dada. Serves me right, I shouldn't have laughed! Cyndal is pretty frugal with her loves, but when she gets in trouble she isnt! If she is getting into something or if she hits we will tell her "No, no,no" in a firm voice. She stops in her tracks and runs to give you a hug and kiss then usually smiles and goes about her buisness. Halarious! She knows already we cant be mad when she is so sweet!