Friday, May 14, 2010

Cyndal lately!

Is it that time already? I feel like Cyndal has grown up so fast! She is talking so much, and I feel like it has happened all over the past month! She tries to say or mimic everything, but most of all already asking.... WHY? We will tell her something and the reply is WHY? Its crazy to think she is already to this point! She understands everything and is always copying her big sister. If Lyza asks for something, Cyndal is right behind saying, "Mee too!" I love love her! Another thing she says thats so cute is " Ya I do" If we ask her if she wants something most of the time thats her reply. Dont get me wrong she has the "no" word down pat! She cracks me up with how daring and care free she is, how she is so frugal with her kisses, how she is so sensitive to others feelings already, and most of all how she makes my heart melt when she says "Laa you mama!" (Love you mama) She has been facinated with her baby dolls lately. She carries a pink one around constantly loving, feeding, and diapering it. Today she climbed out of the bath to get her and brought her back to the bath. Nothing the dryer wont fix right? Oh one more thing! Next time you see her ask her "Who is cute?" She will say, "Me me me me!" She really is too, and not afraid to admit it!

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  1. do you guys have any family history in Riverhead, NY? we found some old antique bottles that say "yetter and moore" on them... apparently was an old tavern in 1902...?