Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year I didnt ask the girls what they wanted to be. I figured this is one of the last years I can choose and make them a matching pair. So while they wont care to be matching or have a strong opinion on this matter, I am taking advantage! The girls are little bo peep and a sheep! I made their costumes this year, and swore a thousand times i would never do it again.... We will wait and see next year what happens. Lyza loved wearing her costume to school, the church trunk or treat and for trick or treating! Cyndal loved her tail most of all. She would flop it back and forth saying "floop, floop, floop!" After a while she wasnt as excited, she just wanted to eat the candy. Watching the girls trick or treat was so cute. Lyza was cute teaching Cyndal what to do, and then was on a mission to go as fast as she could. Cyndal tried to keep up for a while, but then gave up and just wanted to eat that candy. The cutest thing was when she said "trick or treat, I a sheep" every time we went to a new stop. I love these girls! They melt my heart... I even was able to get Marcus to wear the traditional candy corn hat! He complains every year, maybe next year I will make him a costume so he wont complain about the hat anymore!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins and Cookies

Every year we try and carry on the Yetter family tradition and frost Halloween cookies then deliver them to neighbors. The girls as always had a blast and ate more decorations than went on the cookies. Marcus had to make "THE" cookie... As for me, I tried to keep the mess minimal and made the only normal looking cookies! Pumpkins were fun too! Lyza and Cyndal weren't scared of getting messy this year. They dug right in and even helped with the carving. Lyza wanted a sad pumpkin (I am not sure why), and Cyndal wanted a happy one.

Monday, October 25, 2010


The circus was in town this week and I was so excited to take the girls! After being timed out a million times on the ticket page we finally secured tickets to the show! We didnt tell the girls we were going, and kept it a surprise. The girls were so excited when we walked into the arena! Their faces were priceless, and it was great to feel like a kid again! Lyza said "When I grow big Mama I want to live at the circus!" Cyndal didnt say much of anything, she watched in amazement, ate lots of liquorice, and loved the elephants. I loved the torrez family motorcycle event, its so amazing how they ride all of those motorcycles in that little 8 foot ball! Marcus didnt really have a favorite, but I think he liked watching our girls excitement the most. He enjoyed watching the tight rope walkers fall too, not something you see too often!